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To Our Members and Supporters,

For over 50 years TBA has served our community through our race team, special events, charity teams, newsletter, advocacy work, education and safety programs, and as a ride organization. Thanks to our many volunteers—your support of TBA’s accomplishments in each of these areas are numerous and meaningful.

So, it is with much deliberation and a heavy heart that I must report to you that TBA will be ceasing all operations during this year.

The reasons for this are many, but include waning support for a regional bicycling organization, difficulty recruiting talented volunteers to fill key positions, and by extension, difficulty in running a program to further bicycling in our communities as a volunteer-based organization.

Technology trends and demographic changes have also had an impact. The need and role for a single, central regional bike organization are lessened greatly by social media and other forms of modern electronic communication. Other trends over the past decade include a desire on the part of area cyclists to form into their own smaller groups with strong social ties, often around a common interest such as cycling type, pace, or ride area.

We are hopeful that existing and even new organizations will step in when and where a need arises, especially when it comes to protecting cyclists’ rights, improving cyclist safety, and attaining more and better places to ride. We hope that you will support these efforts anytime a need arises.

As of now no firm date has been set for closing, but this will likely take place in the latter half of 2018. We will continue to operate as our financial and volunteer resources allow in the coming months. Once a date has been set, any of TBA’s remaining assets will be divested according to IRS rules for 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.


Above: Strava's Global Heatmap showing the most bicycled routes in Tidewater. In 2016 TBA provided a grant to the Hampton Rds Transportation Planning Organization to obtain detailed data collected by Strava as an aid in planning bicycle related improvements in our area.

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