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Our History

TBA was initially founded in 1965 as the Tidewater Bicycle Club. We became incorporated on July 23, 1975 as the Tidewater Bicycle Association with Mike Smith, William Schroder, and the late Jerry Balonis forming the initial board of directors.

On July 24, 2014 the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) accepted TBA's revised and restated Articles of Incorporation. These governance changes position TBA to better serve our Hampton Roads communities in the areas of active transportation, bike education and safety, public health, bike tourism and charitable engagement by the cycling community.

As a part of the same reorganization started earlier in 2014, the IRS approved TBA's application to become a 501C3 charitable, public purpose organization on Sep. 29, 2014.

From John McKee's research here is a list of TBA's presidents through our many decades of service to Tidewater's bicycling community:

Bruce Drees (2016-present)

Travis Davidson (2015)

Bruce Drees (2012-2014)

Steven Zeligman (2009-2011)

Tom Coghill (2008)

Rick Powell (2006-2007)

Tom Frohlich (2004-2005)

John McKee (2002-2003)

Kim Aldridge (2001)

John McKee ( 1999-2000)

Carole Taylor (1996-1998)

Frank Giresi (1995)

Tom Adler (1994)

Joe Scalet (1993)

Brian Bielitz (1992)

Laura Fisher (1991)

Warren Puckett (1990)

Jim Dyer (1989)

Al Owens (1987-1988)

Bill Phelan (1985-1986)

Jan Stark (1983-1984)

Richard Armstrong (1980-1982)

Ed Rykbos (1977-1979)

Bill Schroder (1975-1976)

Brian Minkin (1974)

David Howland (1973)

Dr. Wayne Boring (1972)

TBA: The Early Years (recollections)

Rick Powell (member since 1973 and Past President)

The TBA started in the fall of 1965 as a racing club. Back at that time, riders who were not members of an affiliated Amateur Bicycle League of America club could be charged double entry fees. Since we had a small contingent of riders in this area who were actively racing bicycles, it only made sense to form such a club. In the fall of 1965, Ben Potts, the owner of The Colley Avenue Bike Shop, along with two of his mechanics, Mickey and Bobby Balance, Charlie Pilcher, and the Teeuwen brothers, Gerald, Martin, and Peter, all got together at his home (Ben Potts’) and formed a new bicycle racing club, the Tidewater Bicycle Club. As early as 1966, the club had its members participating in races along the East Coast and at our district championships. It is believed that Pen Potts was the club’s first president.

Besides going to races, the club held training rides that attracted others in the area that also enjoyed these longer and faster rides. By the time of the early 70’s, there was a large contingent of persons who were members of the club, but who were not actively racing. The club recognized that it had a need to reorganize. A committee was formed, and it included Robert White, a local attorney. The papers were drawn up, and by the beginning of 1972, the TBC had incorporated and become the expanded club of today, the Tidewater Bicycle Association.

It consisted of two semi-independent groups, racers and tourists (non-racers). While there was a single president, each group had a vice president who coordinated and represented their sides’ interests. The touring section and the racing section in those early days coordinated both common longer rides together, such as the Knotts Island Century and the clubs double century. (That’s right; we had a yearly 200 mile single day ride.) Many of our touring members would also come out and help with hosting a few local races, such as the Chesapeake Criterium. We worked together to make it so that there were safe and fun rides and races in this area. Cycling was no longer just a leisure activity; it was a sport for all ages and abilities.

Bill Schroder (Co-Founder and Past President):

Unfortunately I cannot locate any pictures that the club would enjoy.  I do have many recollections of the club and its members.  The most vivid memories I have was all the fun we had.   The TBA in the 70s was small enough that you knew almost all the members and no matter how far, fast or slow you rode there were always people to ride with.  Mike and I along with several others rode very hard and did numerous double and yes, triple centuries.  But, we also enjoyed the slower rides with Ed Rykbos, Frank Penello and so many others.  A highlight was what we called “eat outs” where we would meet once a month at a local restaurant and enjoy good food, good stories and each other’s company.  The TBA was a very sociable club and I think riders at all levels felt welcome.


I had the honor of being with the club for almost twelve years and of all the clubs I have belonged to before and after I still consider the TBA the best and my home club.  As a sidelight, I was lucky enough to hold every officer position excepting racing VP.  Probably the one I enjoyed the most was newsletter editor.  It gave me a chance to talk to the members and more then one member said it was like getting a letter from Bill.


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Tidewater Bicycle Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 66522, Virginia Beach, VA 23466-6522

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