Tidewater Bicycle Association

Ride to the River 2012

TBA and Lynnhaven River NOW "Ride to the River 2012." Held on May 19, 2012, over 50 riders explored the Lynnhaven/First Landing State Park area of the city. Along the way we had interpretative talks and a great catered picnic box lunch. The group covered 12 miles in total.

Many thanks to LR NOW staff, committee chairs and members Karen Forget, Arthur Jones, Whit Peace, Kris McKinnon, and Helen Kuhns for their help in organizing this years partnership with TBA. We appreciate the great work that LR Now is doing to clean up the Lynnhaven River and wish you many more successes!!!

And finally thanks to TBA'rs Sam Gillette, Greg Greene, Jay and Kim Talman, Wayne and Carol Wright along with Bruce and Debbie Drees for helping to lead and sweep the groups and provide support.  

30 photo(s) Updated on: May 19, 2012
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